Boardeater scores and cuts cardboard with ease

Materials Processing

The world's first laser system for processing cardboard has been developed by a German engineer. Carl Lange's Boardeater system is based on CO2 laser and uses a tilted mirror to direct the beam.

The system can be used for creasing, cutting and scoring or perforating cardboard for packaging applications and is designed to provide more flexibility than the steel-rule die system traditionally used in the packaging industry. "Changing products using a steel-rule die can take anything up to eight days." Explained Lange. With the Boardeater, it takes only a few seconds."

Lange claims that, if an appropriate material is used, the laser leaves no burn marks on the cardboard. He says the Boardeater can process a typical carton in around 2 s.

"This makes it ideal for small-to-medium production runs." said Lange. The Boardeater is available in powers ranging from 100 to 1500 W and is made by German company Marbach, the largest manufacturer of steel-rule dies in Europe.

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